Who is in Control?

On the crumbling edge of the sinkhole, Rey thought she’d met her end. If Kylo Ren didn’t slice her in half, the planet would swallow her in its death throes. The ground beneath her feet shuddered and heaved but she was more aware of the dark energy that pulsed through the vicious lord who had her trapped.

“You need a teacher! I could show you the ways of the Force!” he growled and gritted his teeth.

But another voice, one that seemed to be in her head, was gentle and urging, unfamiliar yet familial, like a brother, uncle, or parent. “The Force, Rey. Feel it surround you, flow through you!”

“The Force,” she murmured and closed her eyes despite the peril that enveloped her.

“The Dark Side of the Force is strong,” the voice told her, “but it can never win. It will always be balanced by the Light.”

She found herself following that voice and letting go of her fear for the moment, opening herself to the powerful energy that passed through her in a constant stream. It was invigorating yet soothing.

“Become the Light,” the voice directed in a whisper.

Back on Jakku, she would have laughed at the suggestion. The tales of the Jedi and their magical powers were just legends, but now she believed. She had Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in her grip and the powerful dark lord at bay. She could feel his intensity, feel him watching her with an urgent curiosity and desire. She could use that to press her advantage. He towered over her and could have struck her down numerous times or shoved her into the gaping chasm, but he had done neither. He was strong, but his strength was ebbing as the blood leaked from the tear in his side. Through the Force, she also knew that the killing of his father had drained him. He’d thought the heinous act would increase his power, but it had robbed him.

“He is weak,” a different male voice – one from the shadow-world –  growled in her head. “You can defeat him,” it purred.

She felt its ferocity and opened her eyes.

Kylo Ren’s pupils widened as he took in her transformation, but he met her gaze unflinching.

With a snarl, she summoned up a surge of strength from the Force and slipped under his guard, spun, and delivered a series of powerful overhand blows that made him take several stumbling steps backward. She was relentless in her fury as he fought to fend her off. Then, with a sweeping strike, she nearly knocked the saber from his grasp and followed through with a slash that rent a chunk of cloth from his robes and drove him to his knees. She stood there stunned, amazed at her own prowess as he quickly regained his feet. Then she slammed another solid strike that ripped through his surcoat and jerkin to the skin just below his left collarbone.

He backed off, struggling to maintain his footing in the snow. She advanced, feeling the anger surge within her. Once again she lifted the lightsaber over her head and brought it crashing down on him. He blocked the blow just in time but caught her foot full in the gut.

He went down.

She prowled around him, once more letting him gain his feet, for she desired now to kill him as a warrior – standing instead of begging for mercy. There was no glory in killing a helpless victim. She wanted to beat him – the dark warrior, not some broken wretch.

He swung widely and clumsily. She parried easily and they met, each gripping the other’s lightsaber hand and circling round in a strange dance of the Force. But in his weakened state, he was no match for her growing power and she drove his blade into the ground, seeking to extinguish it. With a growl, he struggled against her until she freed her lightsaber and slashed through the hilt of his and knocked him flat on his back. The blow left a burn mark angled across his cheek and forehead.

She halted, breathing with loathing, exalting for a moment in her triumph, thinking she’d killed him. But when the red haze of hate cleared from her vision, she saw that he was only stunned and struggling to sit up against the pain that ripped through him.

Good, she thought. You deserve agony more than death.

“Yes,” purred the deep, gravelly voice – the Supreme Leader’s voice. “Finish him. He is useless to me now. I made him my masterpiece, but you have destroyed him. It is you who should stand at my side.”

These last words were soothing, silky, but they died on the wind as the voice from the Light – the first voice she’d heard – broke through.

“This little one’s not worth your effort,” it told the Dark voice then turned its focus on her. “Be mindful of your feelings. They betray you.”


She stared at Kylo Ren and saw a dark-haired boy bouncing her as a little girl on the soles of his feet, making her feel as if she could fly.

She blinked.

The vision vanished and the planet opened up between them. Ren would die another day.

She ran.


@MyKyloRen     28 June 2016



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