The Last Jedi: Part One

Author’s note: I don’t like to venture into the future, unless it’s to use it as a literary device to springboard back into the past. After all, this site is devoted to exploring Kylo Ren’s past. But the following scenario is such a great fan theory that I just had to see it in print. So, here it is…my envisioning of the great confrontation sure to take place on Ahch-To in Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi from Kylo Ren’s point of view.


The only light came from the primitive glow inside the corbeled stone huts. She’d been living in one and Luke the other, Ren supposed — the cells of the first Jedi acolytes, erected out of the bones of the jagged mountain that rose from the sea. The first Jedi temple. The Force was strong on Ahch-To but strongest on this peak. Ren could feel it coursing up through the soles of his boots, up his legs and spine, and out through the tips of his fingers. His mind was on fire with it as it cycled through his nervous system. He’d never felt more alive, never more sure of himself. He knew what he had to do, and he knew he had the strength to do it.

Why can’t they see that? he growled to himself.

They — the two silhouettes who stood apart yet together with him in the Force. The two facing him in the small grassy area outside their huts, lightsabers drawn but not yet activated. Ren couldn’t see their faces in the dark of the island night, but he could sense their hesitancy and doubt.

Emotions of the Dark side, he thought. Hypocrites.

He could also sense the presence of his knights where he’d left them on the rocks below with orders to neutralize the Wookiee and secure the ship, but neither the Millennium Falcon nor Chewbacca had been found. For the moment, it didn’t matter. Ren’s focus was on the girl. He took off his mask. He didn’t need it anymore. He’d worn it to frighten away any indigenes that might be lurking about, but the place was deserted. He also didn’t need the environmental readouts nor the night-vision the helmet constantly supplied him. He could sense everything he needed to through the Force, including the old man’s outrage.

“You’re not welcome here,” Luke Skywalker told him, breaking the human silence.

Ren snorted then smirked as a bolt of lightning lit up the clouds. He thought of letting the oncoming storm speak for him, but he doubted the old man was sharp enough to get the message.

“I haven’t come for a cup of tea, uncle,” Ren snarled as the rising surf smashed into the rocks far below. “You know what I’ve come for.” His gaze shifted to Rey’s face. He could feel Luke’s and Rey’s heartbeats quicken, their nervous systems and muscles preparing for battle. He fought to steady his own, fought to sway their Jedi minds through the Force, but he couldn’t get past the blinding wall of white that was their own righteousness. He steeled himself and sucked in a hiss of air through gritted teeth. Why do the Jedi think they know all the answers?

“I’m not going anywhere with you, Ben!” Rey shot back as another bolt of lightning streaked across the sky.

The name echoing on the roll of thunder stunned him. He took a step back.

“Best call him Kylo Ren,” Luke cautioned her. “My nephew belongs to the Dark side now, like his grandfather before him.”

A purple rage boiled behind Ben Solo’s eyes. He took three steps forward. “You don’t know me!” he screamed at Luke. “You never did!” And you never knew her!” The words came fast now. “You abandoned her!”

He felt her blink in shock. “What?” she said in a small voice.

“Don’t listen to him, Rey. The Dark side only speaks in untruths.”

Untruths?” Ben fumed. “That’s what you’ve told her all along! You never told her about her parents! You never told her you separated us” — Ben was moving, closing ground between them — “because of your fear!”

Fear. Fear led to anger, anger led to hate. Hate led to suffering. That was the Jedi mantra.

Luke ignited his green-bladed lightsaber. Rey ignited a purple double-bladed staff of her own. Ben was impressed with her progress. He reached out to her again through the Force but found the way still blocked. This time he was hurt rather than angry.

Why can’t she remember? the little voice inside him wailed.

His own altered memories had come flooding back when he’d peered inside her mind on Starkiller Base. She’d seen some of his deepest thought, fears, and…loves. He’d linked his mind with hers since their fight in the forest — over vast distances of space through the Force-bond they now shared — and she’d let him in.

He stopped five meters from them and ignited his cross-bladed lightsaber. He’d made a new one, but the crystal still crackled red. “You’ve poisoned her!” He bit his lower lip to keep it from trembling as he leveled the fiery blade at his uncle. “She knows I haven’t come to hurt her. I need her! We are the Chosen Ones. We will bring balance to the Force!”

Rey readied her staff. “My place is with Luke,” she told him in no uncertain terms.

“You heard her, Ben,” Luke said quietly, making one more attempt to project the calming Light side of the Force. “Leave this place. There’s nothing for you here.”

So, he was to be driven off like some mangy cur. It was bad enough she didn’t remember the love she once had for him — a little girl’s sweet attachment to an older brother — but to be shooed away by his own flesh and blood….

Kylo Ren swept in low — the opposite move Luke expected — and made a cut for old Jedi’s left leg. He meant to incapacitate Luke…and quickly. Skywalker parried, blade downward and shoved Ren backwards with the Force, but Ren was ready. His hand flew up, repelling the Force-shove. They remained locked in that position like two stags, until Rey made a cut to Ren’s left side. He disengaged to block her and spun out to side-step Luke’s swing. The lightsaber dance played on as the skies opened up and the rain poured down in curtains. Ren called upon the Force more than he ever had to before, but he kept his footing in the uneven fight. He blocked one opponent, then the other, keeping them off balance and widening the distance between the Jedi until Rey was backed up to the sheer-faced cliff.

She’d fought bravely, tirelessly, but she drew her strength only from the Light. He was desperate, drawing his passion from the Dark. Their blades locked.

Luke moved swiftly to close in on Ren from behind but found his way blocked by seven motionless shadows.

The Knights of Ren.

Cliffhanger by Eli Hyder
Cliffhanger by Eli Hyder

“I need you!” Kylo half-growled at Rey. “Don’t you turn on me!”

She gasped at the power he bore against her, thrusting her backwards. A few

pebbles broke off from the cliff’s edge and went crumbling into the broken seas below. She didn’t understand her past — their past — and she couldn’t let her guard down to tap into their Force-bond memories.

“Come with me,” he urged.

Before she could respond, the ground gave way beneath her feet.

She plunged.


@MyKyloRen  9 February 2017


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